Skip, the owner of Protective Film Technologies (PFT), came highly recommended

paint protection film testimonial

Skip, the owner of Protective Film Technologies (PFT), came highly recommended to me and I have not been disappointed.  He personally installed the film on my 2014 Mitsubishi Evolution X MR with professional quality and customer service (no bubbles, excellent fit and highest quality guaranteed).  I am very impressed with his work.  My car is a daily driver, which makes it vulnerable to dings and nicks that most cars driven regularly get in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  The film protection is an investment in your car, which you will get back when you decide to sell it.  I am very happy with the look and protection.  Thanks, Skip!

Officer. J.A
Metropolitan Police Department, Washington D.C.

Skip's workmanship is top notch.

Skip's workmanship is top notch.  I have personally known skip since the beginning of his paint protection film venture and can say that he is one to always keep on top of the latest in paint protection technologies and installation techniques. He has personally installed film on my cars and family cars and every install has been flawless. Recently he installed a full front kit on my girlfriend's 2014 Mercedes C250 Coupe and it looks amazing.


2014 Mercedes C250 side2014 Mercedes C250 front

Paul Starks
(703) 725-2731

PFT is the best in the business!!

PFT is the best in the business!! - Skip is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. He has done film on both my Ferrari 355F1 and my Lamborghini Gallardo. I would not trust anyone else with my cars. No need to look any further, PFT is the best!!!

Custom Installationsyellow-car

Robbie Padgett
(301) 399-4616

The product is simply amazing.

It's been seven years now for my Viper and six for my SRT8 since PFT installed my 3M film. The product is simply amazing. I have since included my two daily drivers in film, both which are exposed to Mother Nature all day, every day, with the same great protective result. The Viper is incredibly hard to film, given all the convex and concave shapes on the front-end. PFT did a wonderful job on it and all my cars, always in one sitting, and conveniently in my garage.



Ken Lally
(703) 969-0648

PFT has gone above and beyond

PFT has gone above and beyond what I expected in terms of both quality and customer service. In an era where both are hard to come by, it was a real treat to work with Skip in protecting my Carbon-edition Corvette Z06. The Xpel Ultimate gives my car that clean and wet look and me the confidence to drive my car often and enjoy it. Skip's attention to detail was eye to eye with my meticulous tastes and I am confident no other operator would have given me the same results. Sure he's not the cheapest (nor most expensive) guy in town, but if you're truly spending the money for protection and appearance on a car you care about, you want the best.




Lt. Clayton Heyward
(443) 852-1302

I am very impressed with PFT's work

Certainly I am very impressed with your work and will show anyone my 360 Modena. I think it's an investment in the car you will get back at the time of the sale. People like to know that you fanatically took care of the car and this 3M application does just that. Thanks so much for all your efforts in making the whole process convenient and seamless.


I can't say enough about...

The Corvette looks awesome! I wish I never invested in the Speed Lingerie Bra, it looked good but provides no where near the protection and good looks that the 3M film does. The investment I made in your products will pay off easily, as the Corvette 50th Anniversary paint is so expensive to repair. I have already recommended your services to several friends. The custom job you did makes the film imperceptible and will protect the rocker panels and wheel wells. I can't say enough about the good work that you did.

703.279.3081 (office) 703.989.3039 (cell)

Mark Melvin (Sr. Solutions Engineer - PlanetGov Inc.)
(703) 989-3039

I'd recommend this to anyone.

This stuff is very impressive. I run my [E46] M3 at the track and that subjects the car to many more stone chips than highway driving. At the track, Proform Paint Protection Film provides outstanding protection from stone chips so my car still looks like new. The film application was painstakingly careful and the car looks wonderful. I'd recommend this to anyone.


Barry Brown (BMW CCA Driving Instructor)
(703) 407-5149

it has saved me THOUSANDS!

I appreciate all the work that your company has done on all of my personal cars, the Porsche, Audi Q7 and now my wife’s new BMW. The film has protected our cars’ finish incredibly! We see cars in our stores all the time with chip and rock damage. You won’t see damage of any on my cars! The film protection has even saved the fenders on the Audi, twice! My wife scraped the fenders on the garage and instead of scratching the fenders and having to sand, repaint, etc. all we had to do was replace the film on that particular fender; it has saved me THOUSANDS!

Matt Curry (President)
Curry's Auto Service, Inc.

PFT has saved me more...

A visit to Protective Film Technologies (PFT) was my first stop when I got my BMW M5. Skip’s work and the 3M product came highly recommended to me and I have not been disappointed. I’ve had many people immediately assume my M5 is only driven occasionally. They are shocked to learn it’s a daily driver. The car simply does not show the dings and nicks that most cars driven regularly in the DC metro area do. I know the PFT has saved me more times than I will ever know. And when my wife’s BMW 328 arrives later this month her first order of business will be a visit to PFT Technologies as well! It’s simply the best investment you can make in car care.

Brian Stucky (Managing Director)
Allegiance Advisory Group

Wanted to thank you again...

Skip, Just wanted to thank you again for another great job!! The 2010 Prius makes the 7th car you have done for me, 1 Corvette, 1 Explorer, 1 Expedition, 2, Escape Hybrids, and 1 Ford 500. With all of these cars having painted bumpers, the 3M film is invaluable. It even looks great after it comes off, though I am not sure why you would want to do that. I recently sold the 500 and looked at it at Carmax, which removed it, and it looked great. When I see some of the work done to my friends’ and colleagues’ cars that they did themselves or had someone else do, I know that I made the right choice. No bubbles, lose edges, and always trimmed to fit. THANKS AGAIN!!

(703) 989-3039

Mark Melvin (Chief Technology Officer)
ePlus Technology, inc.

My SLK is now completely protected

Protective Film Technologies achieved the desired results in protecting the finish on my 2006 SLK280 Mercedes Benz. In addition to protecting the entire front end, I opted for an additional custom installation protecting the doors, rocker panels, quarter panels, A-pillars, etc. My SLK is now completely protected from road debris, making general upkeep simple. Your friendly meticulous professional service makes it a pleasure to recommend Protective Film Technologies to friends and colleagues.

Dwight Lupo

This product is truly amazing

This product is truly amazing - I would not willingly place my cars on the road without it. No matter where you drive, there will always be road debris lurking to chip the beautiful paint on the front of your car. With this product, there's no fumbling with leather bra's or hood deflectors that only end up causing more damage in the long run. You wash and wax it as you normally would the rest of the car and most people don't even know you have it! This product protects your investment and helps to maintain its resale value. The custom work you've done for me (BMW 330xi, Subaru Legacy GT, Infiniti EX, Acura MDX, Audi A4) and my colleagues is hands down the best there is, period. Awesome product, five star company.


Derek Showers

Courteous and professional

I have had the 3M film on my car for just over a year and 15,000 miles. Its looking just as good now as the day it was installed, from the skill and care shown from Skip. He even was able to drop me off to work and pick me up while my car was being completed. Courteous and professional are the way I would describe PFT.

Ali Solak
IT Engineer

Exceeded my expectations

I employed Protective Film Technologies (PFT) on two occasions to install clear bras on my cars. The quality of the 3M Scotchgard material and the quality of the installation exceeded my expectations. In addition, PFT provided excellent customer service. They scheduled both installations at the most convenient time for me, did the work in my garage, and left the work area spotless. The installer answered all my questions and allowed me to observe his work. The first installation was on my 2004 BMW M3 which I bought new and kept for four years. During that time the film did an amazing job of protecting the portions of the car it covered, preventing stone chips and preserving the color and finish of the paint. My next car was a 2006 Carrera S which I purchased in 2008. As soon as I took delivery of the car, I called PFT and had them install protective film. Again, the quality of the material and the quality of the installation were outstanding. During two years of street driving and several occasions of high performance driving on a race track, the protective film protected the car perfectly. I hope to keep my Carrera for a long time, but when I replace it I will again call on PFT to install film on my next vehicle. I would be happy to provide additional information to any prospective PFT customers and to give a personal reference if necessary. I can be reached at (703) 493-0470

Barry Brown
Springfield, VA

PFT Films is at the top of the list

As the Customer Service Manager (CSM) at Curry’s Auto Service, it is my responsibility to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service at each of our six stores -- this includes ensuring that any companies we work with or recommend meet or exceed our high standards. In this respect, PFT Films is at the top of the list. Skip and his team use the best products available (3M films), provide unparalleled service at a very competitive price, and stand behind their work by offering an exceptional warranty. In the five years we’ve been working with PFT Films, we have not had one dissatisfied customer. That is a remarkable achievement by any measure.


Bill Shaw (Customer Service Manager)
Curry’s Auto Service

Very knowledgeable and extraordinarily professional

I write in order to recommend Protective Film Technologies, LLC, an authorized installer of 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film in Northern Virginia. After I made arrangements the day before, PFT installed a “full kit” (hood, bumper, and mirrors) on my new John Cooper Works Mini yesterday. Skip Vachon, PFT’s proprietor, was very knowledgeable and extraordinarily professional in every respect. Robert, who actually installed the film yesterday, did a magnificent job. I watched the entire process. If ever I should need a surgeon, I would be happy with one who is half as skilled and careful in his work as Robert is in his. I realize that sounds like an overstatement, but the process was a joy to see. Add the fact that both Skip and Robert are a real pleasure to deal with, and for my money PFT is an A 1 operation. The quality of the Scotchgard™ job was far beyond my expectations. I endorse Protective Film Technologies, LLC, without reservation.

William G. Rightor
Alexandria, Virginia

I can't recommend PFT enough

PFT installed film on my first M3 6 years ago and the quality of the work and the film were exceptional. Since then, I've had them install film on another M3, a Mini Cooper S, and soon on my Z4M Coupe. I can't recommend PFT enough. Their skill, quality and experience is truly unmatched. Thank you for all the great work!

John Althouse John Althouse 2

John Althouse, Organizer (Skyline Run Driving Events [Aldie, VA])
(640) 622-4979

Workmanship is second to none

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Skip Vachon and his crew for the great work they have done in protecting my car from the elements. I have used PFT since 2003. I had read about protective film for my headlights and driving on our interstate and found this to be a must. I called Skip and he told me that he sold a 3m protective film and he would guarantee my headlight lenses from damage in the event the film failed. I have been so pleased that I had Skip and his crew install headlamp film protection to all of my cars as well as door edge protection and side mirror protection to my newest 2011 Camry. Their workmanship is second to none. They will come to your work or you house. I highly recommend getting this 3m film placed on at least the headlamp lenses (replacement cost about $800) and other parts if you choose and having Skip and his crew do the installation. The installation is flawless. Thanks, Skip for doing such a great job and standing behind what you do.

Joe and Bonnie Kempter
(703) 971-3782